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We welcome writers from different backgrounds, whether you are a health or wellbeing professional, a health journalist or other related professionals. We are particularly interested in writers with personal experience of working anywhere in Africa or in black communities anywhere in the globe. Our top-level categories are: Men’s health, Women’s health and Children’s health.

Within those top-level categories, we have several sub-categories such as tropical disease, sickle cell, Diet and Nutrition, Pregnancy and baby and many more. If you would like to write on a topic that is not listed on our site, kindly let us know and we may add it.

The articles may receive publicity from the Blackpatient.com email newsletter, Facebook posts, SMS, twitter etc. There are no requirements or restrictions on the quantity of articles you wish to post. Write as many or as few as you like, based on your schedule. Please read our terms and conditions for content restrictions.

We have a short and simple “application” which is requires you to send us the following information:

  1. Your real name (which will remain private, if you prefer)
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  5. A brief statement (5–10 sentences) explaining, in your own words, what topics you wish to write about and why you’re interested in contributing to Blackpatient.com. It’s just an opportunity for us to get a feel for what you’re trying to cover and how well you write. Please write this with some consideration, as this is our only way to assess whether your writing style and aptitude are a good match for Black Patient. Please also do not send us more than 10 sentences of text.

We will review your application and if it looks good, we’ll set up your account and email you a username and password so you can start posting your new blogs!

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