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Keolu Fox

Why genetic research must be more diverse

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Ninety-six percent of genome studies are based on people of European descent. The rest of the world is virtually unrepresented — and this is dangerous, says geneticist and TED Fellow Keolu Fox, because we react to drugs differently based on our genetic makeup. Read More

Dorothy Roberts

The problem with race-base medicine

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Social justice advocate and law scholar Dorothy Roberts has a precise and powerful message: Race-based medicine is bad medicine. Even today, many doctors still use race as a medical shortcut; they make important decisions about things like pain tolerance based on a patient’s skin color instead of medical observation and measurement. Read More


How to Maintain Erection during Intercourse

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Nobody wants to be a “one-minute man.” Being able to please her thoroughly in bed is a huge achievement for you as a man, and that happens when you know how to maintain erection during intercourse. Here’s how!

Published on 13 Oct 2014. By WaysAndHow
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HSE Ireland

Choking Prevention – Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home

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Take action now to avoid choking, strangulation and suffocation risks.

Published on 16 Aug 2013. By HSE Ireland
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John Hopkins Medicine

Fatty Liver Disease | Q&A

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Dr. Saleh Alqahtani, director of clinical liver research and assistant professor of medicine, Johns Hopkins Gastroenterology & Hepatology answers questions about nonalcoholic fatty disease, including the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Published on 23 Feb 2015. By Johns Hopkins Medicine
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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body; it’s also the most visible and the most exposed to the elements. Considering these things, it only makes sense that you’d want to know how to keep your skin healthy. Take a look at these hints on how to keep your skin healthy.

Published: 22 Apr 2015. WaysAndHow
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Discovery news

How Sleep Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Is your sex life lacking? Here’s how sleep might be able to change that!

Are you too tired for sex?
“According to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, about one in every four married or cohabitating Americans claim they’re so sleep-deprived that they’re often too tired to have sex.”

Published on 30 Mar 2015. By DNews
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