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Top 5 Reasons to See a Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

erectile dyfunction

Men are often private about issues that affect their sex lives – and therefore may not realize how common they are. About 50 percent of men over the age of 50 have lost some sexual function, whether mild or profound. And men often do not realize that there are many satisfying solutions to these issues. By the time a man seeks help from a medical professional, it is usually for one of five reasons.

1) Medication – Although everyone is familiar with the medications used for erectile dysfunction, the reality is that only about 50 percent of men who take them are satisfied for one reason or another. However, medications are not safe or appropriate in all men and should be used without a prescription or a doctor’s advice.

2) Sexual dysfunction – Often, sexual dysfunction is a sign or manifestation of another issue such as cardiovascular disease. Additionally, many studies have demonstrated that losing sexual function affects the way a man views his overall health, and loss of sexual intimacy has profound effects on the couple.

3) Self-esteem – Many men with sexual dysfunction have decreased self-esteem, and this affects their relationships, work, and daily living as well their quality of life.

4) Bladder leakage – Especially after treatment for prostate cancer, men who suffer from urine leakage are often very frustrated and lose considerable self-esteem. Studies show the negative emotional effect that can occur even with fairly low amounts of leakage. If you have any leakage, you should visit to a specialist, as this is never considered normal in men.

5) Peyronie’s disease – Peyronie’s disease occurs in about five percent of men, although men seldom talk about it. It can cause painful erections due to chronic inflammation of connective tissue in the penis. With evaluation, there are often good medical and surgical treatments, depending on the situation.

Published: Jun 15, 2015 By: William O. Brant
Copyright © 2015 University of Utah Health Care

content provided by NHS Choices

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