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My Advice to Anyone Who is Newly Diagnosed With HIV

Lynn De La Cruz

In this episode of My HIV Journey, poz activist Aaron Laxton gives an overview of what someone just diagnosed with HIV will encounter.

The first few weeks after receiving your HIV diagnosis will be spent “trying to wrap your head around this thing called HIV,” says Aaron Laxton. The feeling of separation from the diagnosis is called disassociation, where things do not necessarily feel like they’ve happened to you.

“Another normal feeling is self-blame” he says, where guilt and self-hatred looms over your head. He recommends getting online and doing your own research to understand the virus, the tests that you’ll have to go through, and the lab results you will see. He also suggests sticking to the same work/school routine in order to help cope with the news. Finding local HIV organizations and support groups in your town can also be beneficial. Watch now to learn more.

Published: 13 2015. By Lynn De La Cruz
Copyright © 2015, Here Media Inc

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