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Masters of Success Presents Africa’s Youngest Medical Doctor

New Era
Africa’s youngest medical doctor

This month, the MTC Masters of Success proudly presents Dr. Sandile Khubeka, one of Africa’s youngest medical doctors. At the age of 20, Khubeka is not only a young, black and passionate but he is making history and leaving a legacy with his story. The young and passionate doctor who is the “talk of Africa” at the moment graduated last year and was ecstatic to be the youngest graduate in his profession, and to have attained a distinction in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

He was nominated by his classmates to receive the Yashim Sham Bursary because of his compassion and caring qualities, in addition to the Enid Gordon Jacob Good Fellowship Prize for character and good conduct. Raised by a single parent Khubeka began his formal schooling at the tender age of five and completed his schooling at the age of 15.

He then enrolled at the University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN)’s Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine where he served in the Rural Development Club, in the Happy Valley Clinic and in the Medical Students Representative Council. Khubeka volunteered much of his time, providing free medical treatment to rural communities attending the Happy Valley Clinic and Madadeni Hospital. “I love working especially with the disadvantaged that often don’t have easy access to medical treatment. I assisted in registering the Happy Valley Clinic as a Non-Profit Organisation during my student years and will continue to work with the disadvantaged communities in the future”, he says.

“I’ve had a very humble upbringing and my mom has greatly assisted in keeping me grounded. She raised me on her own as well as my four siblings. I am the first to qualify as a doctor in my family. I wouldn’t have made it this far without my mom who has always been there to give me guidance and wisdom, whilst growing up I had other interest in computer engineering but my mom is the person who helped me realise my true abilities”.

They say dreams come true for those who believe, albeit with their fair share of challenges along the way that require emotional and physical stamina at the heart of his story Khubeka reveals that he had to face his own “demons” to fight for his dream.

“There are always naysayers who don’t believe in you and your dreams, but I believe these people made me stronger and taught me to believe in myself. I did not forget to remain focused on the passion I always had for medicine,” says he. He is serving his internship at Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg and hopes to eventually register for a Masters of Medicine degree, specialising in Internal Medicine and to further specialise at some stage in Endocrinology.

Khubeka was voted by the class of 2013 as the “next Minister of Health”. This young man is surely proofing that one is never too young to become the master of her/his own destiny. Catch Sandile Khubeka at the MTC Masters of Success on May 22 at 18h30 for 19h00 at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN). Tickets are available at the NTN office box for free.

Published: May 15th, 2015. By New Era
Copyright © 2015 New Era Publication Corporation

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