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Lose Weight With Spinach


It won’t build Popeye arms, but you can pinpoint your belly flab with this leafy green. Spinach is no stranger to health props, but there’s 
a new discovery that is worth leafing through. Adding a side of green leaf to an otherwise indulgent dish can act as an antidote to the fat-heavy foods you so enjoy.

Thanks to ecdysteroids (natural compounds found in the veg) spinach can stop weight gain in its tracks. These compounds increase levels of the protein adiponectin, which makes fat cells more sensitive to insulin, helping to break down glucose.

By improving your body’s insulin responses, ecdysteroids curb the growth of fat tissue. All of which – translated into English – means that you can put your mind at ease when it comes to
 a particularly zealous cheat day. Throw together a spinach and quinoa salad (the grain is also high in ecdysteroids) to create 
a recipe for fat-destruction after your recent Five Guys session. Or make your breakfast bulletproof by adding colour to your fry-up,
 in the form of eggs Florentine.
 No need to ration the Hollandaise.

Published: April 30, 2015. By Emily Badiozzaman
Copyright © Men’s Health

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