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Is Breast Milk the New Health Craze

Francesca Specter
baby-bottle is_breast_milk_good_for_adults

Ever wondered, is breast milk good for adults and should I be adding to my diet and fitness regime? No? Well, some people have.

Fitness fanatics have discovered a new supplement to fuel their workouts. It’s 100% natural, with 1.3 grams of protein and just 70 calories per serving.

The only catch? It’s human breast milk.

It seems that some heavy-lifters are downing the white stuff in a bid to up their protein intake.

Users on a bodybuilding forum defended the consumption of breast milk, with one user arguing: ‘It’s safer. Store bought milk is filled with chemicals.’ Another added: ‘it’s actually not that hard to get hold of.’ Right.

Rebecca Hudson, from Manchester, hit headlines last December for selling her breast milk. Her milkshake really did bring all the boys to the yard, attracting bodybuilder clients who purchased her ‘product’ for 12.50 a bottle. ‘What they do with the milk is up to them,’ she said.

Frozen breast milk has also cropped up on Ebay, targeting at ‘babies or bodybuilding’.

What’s even harder to stomach is a recent study by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics that revealed 74% of human milk samples purchased online were contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

And the supposed health benefits?

Fitness experts aren’t convinced. According to Neil Fidler from Bio-Synergy: ‘There are numerous claims to how breast milk may help with building muscle, however, they aren’t backed by scientific research. Breast milk does contain muscle-building colostrum. But it has less protein content than a glass of cow’s milk.’

PUBLISHED: 06 March 2015. By Francesca Specter
COPYRIGHT © Hearst- Rodale UK Limited

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