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Healthy Living, A Realistic Fact in Africa?

Spy Ghana
portrait of pretty african woman working out

These are some of the things that considered as western influence on us based on the fact that we do not perceive ourselves in such manner, we do not believe it is important to be focused on matters that do not concern traditional behaviour and so on. That being said, we are a lot more enlightened and very aware of the damages that exist under disguise as meals and as much as we want to not believe in its dangers it is beyond evident which has given rise to the Gym classes, Health Magazines, Natural food stores, Smoothies and Milk shakes stops and a long list of healthy living precautional measures organized to create awareness and spread the word.

Indeed the word still needs a lot of people to spread it but convincing your average African to believe is more of the task. First of all it is believed that the more flesh the more evident your good living, and the more skinny the more food you lack. A lot of people are learning to evacuate that way of thinking but at the same time a lot of people are yet to come to terms with the fact that there are certain damages that come with certain food lifestyles.

Of course there have been many occasions where people lost their loved ones to obesity, lung cancer, heart failure and so on, mostly because of one bad habit or the other. Yet the need to adapt a more healthy and fit lifestyle seems very farfetched. At his point we have to ask if Africans and Healthy living are synonymous.

Although the younger generation are getting with the plans are pretty much aware but because everyone is very lackadaisical towards the issue very less importance is attached to it. In this part of the world, very rarely do you come across Vegans and Vegetarians and if you ever came across them, there is a certain stereotype attached to them simply because those are not familiar words from an average African. Case Scenario a skinny woman that patronizes the gym, irrespective of the explanation you give, majority Africans will never be able to comprehend the reason for your being at the Gym. Forgetting that the Gym is nota hot spot for people looking to just lose weight, it is also a home for fitness lovers.

This problem is etched in the fact that there are certain things that are alien to us and as long as It was not coined by Africans or generally accepted from the beginning it becomes the western effect on Africans. Westernization or not, it is important to be aware of certain things and attaching importance to them, the likes of regularly visiting Doctors just for basic body checkup, consuming healthy foods and staying away from excess sugar, processed and fatty foods, exercising is also an Important part of staying healthy and also Good hygiene. A lot of people are unaware of the importance good hygiene, you should always wear clean clothes, take a shower more than once a day these are some import tips for healthy living.

If Africans can start with a minimal part of these requirements, a lot of ailments will be avoided.

Published: Apr 16, 2015. By Spy Ghana
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