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    pic222Loosing weight is possibly one of the hardest things to do. We are blessed in Nigeria with delicious food and treats at every corner. How does one loose weight in such tempting conditions? This thread is for all those who have tried and failed, tried and tried, tried and succeeded, tried and are still trying or for those who simply just want to try. Please share tips, tricks and any other suggestions




    ..Such a nice initiative… i actually like your platform started following a short while ago , also told my wife today to do same as she’s fat and has been trying so hard to reduce to some extent but she’s  a bit careful on how to go about her reduction, hope your platform will help her(wife) achieve it…guess i have seen an outlet of  pharmacy2u about lekki phase 1?



    Hmmm…. concerning weight loss. What has helped me and has been working for me over time to keep my shape:

    1. Dont eat late at night, if you have to eat late eat something very light

    2. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable

    3. have 30 minutes exercise everyday or two hour at the weekend

    4. Dont eat too much and cut down on junk foods

    5. Rest is important as well



    Yes thank you for your comment. We can definately give your wife some excellent pointers

    the 5 tips from getguide posted are the starting rules we should all live by. Especially as one gets older and metabolism slows down. Keeping in shape helps you to look good on the outside as well as feel great on the inside.

    Join in our great big conversation on weightloss. We want to know when, where, why, how and every little intimate detail about how you lost weight and your journey so far



    Yeah as a freeman I am, I guess am going to gain a lot here

    I with these tips I should be back to shape in no time



    i want lose weight as soon as possible – is there any medicine i can drink?



    Has anyone tried cutting out carbohydrates from thier diet and seeing the impact it has on thier weight?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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