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    ponmoponmo1Pomo is cow, sheep or goat skin which has been processed for consumers to cook and eat like beef. In Nigeria and some parts of Sub Saharan Africa, pomo is a traditional delicacy eaten by people from all walks of life.


    • Continuous consumption of pomo threatens sustainability of the leather industry in Nigeria, which could potentially generate millions of dollars in annual revenue to the economy
    • Pomo is the cheapest source of meat for the poor man; many people can no longer afford to buy beef because it is very expensive.
    • No scientific evidence to show pomo adds nutritional value to human health.
    • Ponmo gotten from sick animals is a sanctuary for dangerous diseases and chemicals used to treat the animals were killed.
    • Smoked pomo may contain significant level of carcinogens (agent directly involved in causing cancer) due to crude method of preparation.


    Government proposed a ban on Pomo in 2014, some people supported the ban, but most consumers are opposed to a ban till date.


    Why do Nigerians still eat pomo despite the issues for and against pomo consumption? Do you think pomo should be banned? should govt wait until the common man can afford beef before considering a ban? Should govt support farmers to produce sufficient animals to satisfy the leather industry and pomo consumption, is further scientific research needed? Etc. What do you think?

    Please let us know you opinion by posting your comment here

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