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Help for Couples Who Can’t Climax

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Sex is fun, feels good, and is a great way to be physically and emotionally close to your partner. But without an orgasm, it can be a less satisfying experience for both of you. While some women may have difficulty achieving an orgasm and may never have truly experienced one, men can have orgasm difficulties as well, especially if there are physical or emotional issues at play in the relationship. Read More


Your Guide to Getting Pregnant

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Before you’re in baby-making mode, it likely seems pretty straightforward: Have sex; get pregnant. But conceiving can take a little more planning than that. What’s more, as soon as you do start thinking about starting your own family, you’ll likely have more than a few questions. What should you do before trying to conceive? When’s the best time to try? Is there anything you can do to get pregnant faster? And how long does it usually take before egg successfully meets sperm? Get the scoop here on everything you need to know about betting pregnant, from your odds of conceiving to what you can do to have a healthier pregnancy right from the start. Read More

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Benefits of detoxification

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Why detoxify?

Detoxification is a process of cleansing the bowel to remove toxins, rejuvenate, rest bowel just like servicing a car and get rid of impurities

  • To prevent cancer especially of the bowels
  • To eliminate toxins
  • Eliminate bad odours from
  • Eliminates bad odours from the stomach(bowels) which can cause mouth odour
  • Lose weight
  • Increase absorption
  • Improve bowel movement and prevent constipation
  • With age and years bowel movements become sluggish and there is a tendency to clog up and this increases the time toxins and impurities are contact with bowel lining and this is a probable cause of bowel cancer

There are several agents to combat this and can be found in leading shops

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Eat Raw Capsicum as A Salad to Control Your Diabetes and Obesity

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Changing lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits have increased the incidence of diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. There many natural remedies that help reversing or control these diseases and Indian scientists have now discovered fat-fighting and sugar controlling properties in and green, red and yellow bell peppers. Read More


Forget the Embarrassment; Check that Prostate before it’s too Late!

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The statistics are grim! Black men are being dealt fatal blows by their prostates. That walnut shaped gland located at the neck of the urinary bladder. It plays an important role in the male reproductive system; adds nutrients and fluid to sperm. It is very private; and one of the ways of checking for changes in shape, size and other abnormalities is through a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE). Not a surprise that men generally cringe at the idea of doing this exam. After all, it’s no fun having someone poke through the rectum to check some organ inside the body. Read More


Fake Drugs in Nigeria: Which Way Forward?

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When I was asked to contribute to this website many thoughts crossed my mind. Bearing in mind that issues affecting people of black origin and Africans in particular are being highlighted; I developed a sense of inadequacy for the simple reason that I have been away from Nigeria for 13 years. Nigeria is the world’s most populated black nation. Read More


6 Reasons Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

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Newborn babies bring joy and happiness when they arrive. Taking care of them will probably be the simplest and most difficult thing anyone can do. Crying and screaming will be their only means of communication with the world even with their fellow babies! They depend totally on their parents and carers for everything. This can be overwhelming to even the most experienced hand. The first thing to do is relax; it’s not as difficult as you may think.  Read More

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