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Rise in chronic diseases associated with fertilisers, pesticides, preservatives, plastics, crude oil production

  • Medical experts recommend regular detoxification, organic foods
  • 95% of Nigerians cannot digest milk products
  • Austrian commercial counsellor visits Mart Life Detox clinic
  •  Substantial drop in child IQ linked to prenatal exposure to common household chemicals
  • BPA can, bottle lining could increase blood pressure
  • Hormone-unrelated breast cancer death rate lowered by reducing dietary fat

The rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, stroke, hypertension, kidney failure, heart attack among others has been associated with the use of fertilisers and pesticides in farming; preservatives and plastics in food preservation and storage; and crude oil production. Also, the substantial drop in child Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has been linked to prenatal exposure to common household chemicals even as a new study reports that cans and bottles lined with the chemical bisphenol A could lead to increased blood pressure. However, medical experts recommend regular detoxification and eating of organically grown foods as key to preventing and eliminating toxin accumulation. CHUKWUMA MUANYA and ONYINYE IYEKE write.

MEDICAL experts have again associated the rising cases of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, kidney damage, diabetes, hypertension to mention but a few to the increase in household chemicals and plastics, and the use of fertilisers, pesticides and preservatives in farming and food production and storage.

Joint Pioneer of Test Tube Bay Technique/In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in Nigeria and Medical Director Medical Art (MART) Centre and Mart-Life Detox clinic, Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, last week during a facility tour of Mart facilities by the Commercial Counsellor Austrian Embassy, Nella Hengstler, said unlike Nigeria, the Austrian nation recognizes the dangers in the chemicals in fertilisers, pesticides and preservatives and the value in organic products for health.

Ashiru said: “Like in Nigeria, any product is okay. We have things being pumped into the country that are not being regulated and that is why when you link it with the rampant increase in various disorders like hypertension, diabetes, cancer of the colon and of the breast. You find out that some of these things like pesticides and fertilisers. In organic farming practiced in Austria, they grow food without fertilisers but here we use fertilisers and pesticides constantly and they are carcinogenic at the end of the day.

“We are an oil producing country and most people from the oil producing countries go to Austria to detox. Most of these things they have effect on our body system and we don’t know. But we continue to use them because we have no inspectorate to tell us the effect of oil in the environment whereas all the other oil producing countries go to Austria to detox. So I am quite happy that we discovered this from Austria and I think we have been trying to sensitise the public to the fact that there are dangers in what we eat that are not of great entity. As far back as 1925 Austria use to be the Mecca for so many other countries to go there and help their health regeneration.”

Mart-Life Detox Clinic is the new generation of modern mayr medicine combining both conventional and alternative medicine. Their programs provide each patient with individual diagnoses and analysis of his or her ailment using Applied Kinesiology and Asyra test.

Applied Kinesiology is primarily a diagnostic method that tests individual muscles and their change in strength using specific stimuli and therapeutic measures to derive insights into functional relationships and potential disorders.

Asyria Testing is a bioenergetics system that accesses 40 major organs in the body for any defect and carries out a customized assessment of what remedies can be used to restore balance. After these individualized diagnoses each participant will be given his or her treatment plan, which will consist of a battery of the following services – these two tests will also determine food allergies and intolerances.

Ashiru said: “The first thing is that the patient comes in and you want to know what is the energy level of this patient. In other words how far are the organs damaged and how far has he or she gone wrong in his or her good living. The bioenergetics test can access that. Also kinesiology can access that and also from the abdominal treatment. Just looking at the face and the abdomen you can access how healthy a person is. Looking at people I can tell you who has lived well and who has not. Man does not fall sick overnight, it comes gradually and if you can prevent it by knowing what you are doing that are leading to accumulation of toxins, you will prevent the danger.

“Arthritis was not this common, cancer was not this common. But when you look at the fact that we now grow things with fertilisers and pesticides. In the early days are forefathers did not use fertilisers. They used manure. There were no preservatives. By the introduction of those things, preservatives and all the rest of them and trying to grow multiple products at a time we begin to use so many things that have become problematic.

“Also the issue of packaging with plastic material is a big issue. Water and so many food products come in plastics and they are suspected to leak carcinogenic and hormone and gender-bending chemicals.”

Ashiru who is also an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois Chicago, United States, said what Mayr says in summary is that no one regardless of the condition of health that will go through a Mayr therapy of seven to ten days and not feel better and more energised after that.

“Somebody with stage three cancer coming into Mayer therapy will prevent early death. People have come that might have died in April and end up dying in September. But if you can come before it starts then you may prevent its coming. But when it has come depending on its stage there are chances of survival. Some of our patients with colon, liver and prostate cancer that presented here in 2012 are still living. Why did the cancer come in first? Because of the way of life. If they can change it, the body can gradually eliminate this process,” Ashiru said.

The medical expert said the call for higher intake of fruits and vegetables for optimal health is not driven by medical education nor by medical advice but by the industrial production advance.

Ashiru said because the West produce much fruits and vegetables that go to waste they say it is good for us. “The breweries will tell you that you are better by far with one bottle of beer. So that is what drives the industry,” he said.

The medical director said 95 per cent of Nigerians cannot digest milk product and are even harmed by taking them yet there is aggressive marketing of milk for Nigerians, “The Milk for example, 95 per cent of blacks are lactose intolerant but because they produce this milk over there, they push it to us as our staple food and we grow up thinking that milk is good for us. But we other milk that we can produce like coconut milk, which is a better product and it contains calcium,” he said.

Managing Director of MART Life Detox clinic and a Mayr-trained nutritionist, Mrs. Idowu Ashiru, said: “Our bioenergetic machine can also determine the exact combination of vitamins that a person needs. There is this hype about low carbohydrate, low sugar diet but it depends on individual. Some people need more carbohydrates, some people need more protein and some people need a combination. It all depends.”

Idowu Ashiru said the centre also use rock stones from Austria to energise drinking water for optimal health. She explained: “A Japanese philosopher believe that some of these rock crystals have a half life of 500 billion years and they emit into water quite a lot of minerals and energy importantly that helps life to continue, that helps regeneration of life. Right now we no longer have access to spring water, we no longer have access all those other water. This is getting water and getting it to get energized with the stone crystals.”

The nutritionist said the centre also uses herbal teas. “These are the teas we have they do different things, they are all medicinal. This can help you slim. They have different medicinal properties, we give them to the patients and encourage them to take as much as possible,” Idowu Ashiru said.

She added: “The major thing we do here is that we do a lot of seminars because there is no need of coming here and going back to your old ways. So we teach people new lifestyle so that they live less toxic life.”

Hengstler after a tour of the facilities at MART Life Detox clinic said: “This is really fascinating because you usually deal with machinery experts from Austria and this actually one of a know how transfer, a health service, a health concept has been exported. Kudos to Professor Ashiru because he discovered it in Austria and it a little bit of an unusual export but I think it is a very important export because it brings people closer together. It makes people to understand what developments we made in Austria in terms of health, well being and to share that and spread that outside Austria and Europe.

“I think that is a very important concept and of course it involves some physical exports as you can see the energy island there and the detoxification machines that are from Austria. As a Commercial Counsellor I am happy about the business relationship that has been initiated. But I am also happy about the broader impact it will hopefully make on people’s consciousness about health and detoxification, the good things you can do for your body and why people suffer from such illnesses like those brought by civilization and modernization like overweight, arthritis, hypertension. Now there are ways outside of traditional medicine of taking of drugs of treating the actual causes of diseases. It is nice the name of Austria is connected with making people feel better.”

On whether she has benefitted from Mayr concept before maybe in Austria? Hengstler said: “In Austria we have a lot of health spas, there is very high health consciousness. You know Austria is a very rich developed country so this is a very big market for people trying to live healthy and have a very good health system where everybody is covered by social insurance. Health spas is quite well known but there is actually quite a number of spas in Austria. I this you need to have this particular treatment but are regular spas where you go and swim for the day and go to have sauna. Then you have more energy concept like Prof. Mayr Clinic.”

Hengstler said Austrians had embraced organic farming and the regular use of organic products instead of use of chemicals. She said: “The use of organic herbal teas is not unusual in Austria, you can go to Nature Pharmacy and they will mix different teas for you. In Austria there is consciousness about organic farming that is farming without using pesticides and other chemicals was actually invented. Austria is a small country not a big agriculture but they invented organic farming.

“Most of our farmers do not do large scale farming because in Europe there are too many farms already and they are specialized in organic farming. So there are lots of organic products that are coming from Austria but people here do not know much about that. But people now developing more to care about what they are eating and the constituents not just the taste. Austrians are very conscious about health. You know my mother will have this type of teas that she buys and everything that goes into the teas is organic. Even my cosmetics are made organic and so there is a whole industry that has developed around this.”

Ashiru said in order to get rid of these effects, the body needs to go through a cleansing process called detoxification. He said Mart-Life Detox Clinic’s programmes provide a safe and healthy approach where the body can safely rid itself of all the toxins it has accumulated which is leading to mental and physical stress and sub optimal health and well being.

Ashiru said daily abdominal treatment is a unique function of the Mart-Life treatment carried out by doctors using specialized modern techniques to increase bowel movement, increase blood flow to the digestive system, break down abdominal fat, improve respiration and restore the digestive system and return the abdominal organ to its anatomical position.

He said the next step is colon irrigation, which encompasses a number of alternative and modern medical therapies and machines to remove faeces, heavy metals and non-specific toxins from the colon and intestine.

Ashiru said the client is now moved to the infra red cabin, which is an advanced form of treatment that uses infra red light which helps the body to release natural endorphins to soothe pains and aches in the body. “It detoxifies by removing heavy metals like zinc, copper and lead out of the body. This process leads to relaxation by promoting circulation and accelerating the body’s healing process,” he said.

The physician said the Centre also uses electrolysis foot bath as an innovative method of helping the body eliminate unhealthy acids, heavy metals, toxins and pollutants from the various organs like kidneys, liver, pancreas and gall bladder through the foot by electrolysis that is exchange of ions in the foot. This, he said, is effected by ionizing the water in the foot bath.

Ashiru said nasal detox is skillfully done to cleanse the sinuses and remove heavy metals from the airways and brain to improve respiration, used to treat allergies and chronic sinusitis.

He said the centre also uses Scenar treatment, which is an electro stimulator neuroadaptive device, developed in United States, used for therapeutic treatments on the skin to regulate physiological processes in the body in order to relieve different pain-related pathologies to increase blood circulation to tissues.

Idowu Ashiru said the Phase 3 of the detox programme involves optimum nutrition. She explained: “Each client will be put on a customized nutritional plan depending on his/her needs and objectives of what they want to achieve from the program. Whether the client wants to lose weight or just to detox, a personalized meal plan will be drawn up to achieve the objectives in the time allotted which will give adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins to allow the body to rejuvenate which will include different herbal teas, vegetables and special stones to mineralize the water.”

She said stage Phase 4 is relax and de-stress spa therapy where the Centre’s team of physiotherapists will schedule various daily massages to perform different functions for various organs parts for each client lasting for 25 to 50 minutes.

Idowu Ashiru said another key element of the detox programme is exercise. She explained: “Exercise is among the most important building block of our health. It strengthens the muscles and cardiovascular system, removes toxins, reduces body fat, improves mental performance and improves overall well-being.

“Mart-Life Detox Clinic’s gym is equipped with different exercise facilities which the participants will be encouraged to use. We will have daily scheduled classes of aerobics, Yoga and Pilates as well as sponsored walks around the serene neighbourhood as well as water exercise in the swimming pool.”

She said all clients are encouraged to make good use of Mart-Life Detox Clinic’s Sauna and Steam rooms for maximum detoxification. Use of these dry and moist heat baths, Idowu Ashiru said, can help them to relax and remove toxins by increasing blood flow to various organ systems.

Idowu Ashiru said to ensure the clients not only undergo diagnosis and treatment to distress and rejuvenate, Mart-Life Detox Clinic will provide a final recommendation regimen report to ensure they are able to sustain this new lifestyle change and ensure a continuous improvement to provide improved productivity in the work place.

Substantial drop in child IQ linked to prenatal exposure to common household chemicals

Children exposed during pregnancy to elevated levels of two common chemicals found in the home—di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) and di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP)—had an IQ score, on average, more than six points lower than children exposed at lower levels, according to researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

The study is the first to report a link between prenatal exposure to phthalates and IQ in school-age children. Results appear online in the journal PLOS ONE.

BPA can and bottle lining could increase blood pressure

Many people drink and eat food from cans and plastic bottles, but this may be having an impact on their health. A new study reports that cans and bottles lined with the chemical bisphenol A could lead to increased blood pressure.

BPA is used as an inner coating for beverage cans and can also be found in plastic bottles, food containers, optical discs and dental fillings.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a common chemical, found in products such as plastic bottles and the inner lining of food cans. According to the authors of the study, BPA exposure has been detected in more than 95 per cent of the US population.

The research, published in Hypertension, follows up on previous work associating BPA with cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure and heart rate variability.

Hormone-unrelated breast cancer death rate lowered by reducing dietary fat

Reducing dietary fat intake after diagnosis could help improve survival rates for early-stage breast cancer patients with hormone-unrelated breast cancer, according to a new study.

Participants undergoing dietary intervention were given a fat gram goal by dietitians. Self-monitoring was carried out using a “keeping score” book.

The findings of the study were presented at the 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium – a five-day conference aiming to provide state-of-the-art information on breast cancer research to an audience of researchers and physicians from over 90 countries.

“The current findings with respect to long-term influence of dietary lifestyle intervention on overall survival are mixed, but of potential importance,” reports Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, a medical oncologist from the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA.

The study utilized data taken from the Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study (WINS), a randomized trial that had previously been used to test whether dietary intervention can improve the clinical outcome of women with breast cancer, and assessed death rates after 15 years of follow-up.

“In a prior report of WINS after five years follow-up, relapse events were 24 per cent lower in the intervention group. In the current report, the intervention influence on long-term survival was examined,” explains Dr. Chlebowski.

For the current study, the researchers followed 2,437 women aged 48 to 79 with early-stage breast cancer who received standard-of-care treatment at one of 39 centers in the United States (US). Within six months of diagnosis, the participants were assigned to either a control group or a dietary intervention group, whereby fat intake was lowered for five years while adequate nutrition was maintained.

Within the intervention group, dietitians assisted participants in implementing a low-fat eating plan. Each woman underwent eight bi-weekly individual counseling sessions, with subsequent follow-ups every 3 months. Fat intake was externally monitored with annual unannounced telephone recalls, as well as self-monitored.

At the end of the five-year monitoring period, the dietary intervention group had reduced their fat calories by 9.2 per cent and body weight by almost 6 pounds (lbs), in comparison with the control group.

Dietary intervention potentially beneficial for triple-negative breast cancer patients

Commenting on their findings, Chlebowski says: “Overall, while the death rate was somewhat lower in the intervention group compared with control group (13.6 per cent versus 17 per cent, respectively), the difference was not statistically significant. However, in exploratory subgroup analyses, in women with estrogen receptor (ER)-negative cancers, a 36 per cent, statistically significant reduction in deaths was seen in women in the intervention group.”

Some forms of breast cancer have hormone receptors – proteins that pick up signals from hormones promoting cell growth. These signals can then promote the growth of cancer cells. Around two out of every three cases of breast cancer test positively for hormone receptors.

Death rate reduction was found by the researchers to be even more significant – at 56 per cent – in women whose breast cancer was both ER-negative and progesterone receptor (PR)-negative.

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