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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself For That Morning Workout


It’s hard to make time in the evening for workouts, especially after a long day at work. That’s why the best time to squeeze in some exercise is in the morning. It gives you energy, focus and a speedy metabolism for the rest of the day. But it’s still easier said than done. If you find it hard to summon the motivation for a morning run, here are five tips to get you jumping out of bed.

1. Move your alarm clock
Move your alarm clock across the room, with your workout clothes next to it. If you’re already out of bed, you’re less likely to hit the snooze button. If you can change your alarm tone, set it to music that will motivate you to get moving, rather than an obnoxious ringing.

2. Get yourself a workout buddy
Having a workout buddy is the ultimate motivator. You won’t want to disappoint each other, and if your fitness pal comes knocking at 6.30am, wanting their morning run, who are you to turn them down? Besides, nobody can guilt-trip you better than a friend.

3. Dance yourself awake
As soon as you’re out of bed, switch on some invigorating music. Music is an amazing motivator. Just getting changed and brushing your teeth to a decent (or at least passable) beat will make waking up that much easier.

4. Be organised
The problem with having a morning workout is that you probably have to go to work straight after, so you’re on the clock. Oversleeping can ruin your exercising plan, so be organised and manage your time carefully. Set an alarm, lay out your gym clothes and equipment in the evening, followed by what you’re going to wear that day. That way your morning workout will be quick, easy and completely stress free.

5. Reward yourself
Set workout goals for yourself throughout the week, and have a reward if you achieve them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean a massive fry up on Sunday, or a week away from exercise. Maybe treat yourself to a new dress to show off your sexy new figure, or go out dancing with the girls. Just stay away from the cocktails. Those things are calorie bombs!

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