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10 Keys to Great Sex During Menopause

The new gel treatment that boosts a woman’s sex life after the menopause

Is it possible to have satisfying, passionate sex during menopause? The answer is yes, but you have to try a few tricks to make those sparks fly. Check it out!

1. Get Lubricated

Many women experience some dryness as a result of menopause, and this can lead to uncomfortable or even painful intercourse. Luckily, dryness is easily treatable. From water-based to silicone-based lubricants, there are a variety of options to choose from, and they also come in an array of different flavors. A few options even offer tingling or warming sensations.

2. Have Sex Often

Sexual response can decline as a result of menopause, meaning that it might take you longer to reach your big “O” or that your orgasm might not be as powerful as it once was. You can keep your orgasms up to par by “getting busy” more often. More sex begets more sex!

3. Self-Stimulate

Another way to keep your sexual response intact is by self-stimulating. Not only will it increase blood flow to your genitals, it will also keep you in touch with your sexual desires and fantasies.

4. Play With Toys

Speaking of self-stimulation, a sex toy can be a wonderful way to increase your pleasure in the bedroom and keep everything functioning at its optimal level. Use it alone or with your partner as foreplay.

5. Have More Foreplay

During menopause, it might take you a little longer to reach orgasm, which is why foreplay is so important during this time. Make time to enjoy all the different sensations of sex and aspects of one another’s bodies.

6. Try New Positions

Breathe new life into your sex life by adding a few new positions to your repertoire. Try positions that give you plenty of clitoral or G-spot stimulation, such as man-from-behind or woman-on-top.

7. Break New Sexual Barriers

Instead of viewing menopause as a time when your sexual energy is limited, view it as an opportunity to be more wild and uninhibited than ever before. Have sex in a new, daring place (like the restaurant bathroom on your date) or try a new sex act you always fantasized about, such as bondage or mutual masturbation.

8. Ask for What You Want

Now that your sexual response has been slightly curbed, you need to be more aggressive in asking for what you want. Your partner wants to please you, so demystify the process by simply telling him what you like and what you need. It’s a win-win for both of you!

9. Do Your Kegels

Keep your vaginal tone intact by doing daily Kegel exercises: Squeeze and release the muscle you use to control your urine flow. Do it in small, quick motions, and then mix that with long, extended contractions. Repeat whenever you are stuck in traffic or the middle of a boring meeting.

10. Update Your Look

You’re only as sexy as you feel. Make time for your sexual self-esteem by getting a mani-pedi, buying a new piece of lingerie, or trying a daring Brazilian wax. Get your sexy back!

Last Updated: 01/28/13By Laura Berman, PhD
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content provided by NHS Choices

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